Thursday, March 02, 2006

I think liberals are as frickin insane. I ain't no conservative but umm..Does everything concerning Bush have to be wrong? He's trying to get medical records on a computer standard. Umm..wrong. Sign a nuclear pact with India = Energy efficiency = Balance to China. Um..Nope..Liberals want equal treatment. So Pakistan has to get the same eh? Even if AQ Khan sold the whole world and its mother nuclear secrets. Oh..and what about Liberals in India? A specific state is full of these hypocrites. "Invest in West Bengal". Turn around. "Goddamn Americans should stay out of India". You want two things that completely counter each other son! Arundhati Roy is crazy crazy crazy. She thinks the nuclear deal is unwise because the US is a bully. Umm..We have a billion fucking people. We cannot rely on oil and our cheap coal. We need this..and fast. Unless you want your blessed poor to die starving with no electricty. So shut the fuck up Arundhati. What about the fuckin communists in India. "We need to keep our nuclear secrets safe". Umm..We *do* get to keep our military nuclear secrets safe (read:fast breeder program). Think goddamnit!

Crazy liberals = Crazy conservatives. Anywhere in the fuckin world.


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